Graduate & Post Graduate Scholarships

Burlington Criminal Lawyers believes in giving back to both the legal community and our larger community. Towards this mission is the Burlington Scholarship (not only open for law school students but in general to any student from any stream of education). Our program to help inspire would be students who are interested in social awareness. Any student is welcome to apply.

Because of our commitment to support education, Burlington Criminal Lawyers is proud to sponsor an annual $3,000 (3X $1000) Scholarships. The following outlines eligibility and the application process to qualify for the scholarship. Over the past few decades, the rising cost of college tuition has far outpaced the rate of inflation. Higher education is more expensive than ever before. The next scholarship application opens January 1, 2017. Applications will be due by August 21, 2017.

Eligibility Requirements

  • First-year student enrolled in the U.S and Canada. But the focus on the competition is who provides the most meaningful essay.
  • A genuine love and interest in making our civil justice system as fair as possible


  • Fill out a brief biographical information form
  • Write an approximate 1,000 word essay focused on “How a professionally responsible law firm can safeguard and help building a better society”.

Things to know

  • You need to provide
    • First and Last Name
    • Date
    • Current School
    • Any Degrees You Have
    • Current Field of Study
    • Email and Home Address
    • Phone Number
    • Relevant Work Experience
    • Scholastic Honors
  • Your identity may be publicly disclosed as a recipient of the scholarship. You may be asked to write a short biography.
  • Your essay for the scholarship must be received by July 15, 2017 to be considered.
  • Email your submission to